Public and Government Affairs

Parabellum Communications brings the possibility to actuality. The sector of public affairs and government relations has evolved rapidly over the past two decades. Public affairs and government relations play a key role in the shaping of public policy and the executive decisions that govern individuals, businesses, groups and associations, and society at large. The public deserves to be informed and aware. The government should, for its part, benefit from complete, balanced and relevant information for sound policy-making.


An approach based on values


Parabellum offers and provides services under the highest standards of quality


Parabellum allows clients and decision makers to benefit from timely and relevant information


Parabellum executes assignments in absolute compliance to the industry’s best practices and regulations

Public and Government Affairs

It’s about being aware of the changes affecting the laws and regulations that govern our society and working with the Client to enable him/her to be heard and understood by policy makers. Our approach is based on possessing a keen understanding of issues, perspectives and agendas.

Government Relations

Developing and maintaining a relationship of trust with policy makers in order to find synergies that enable the development of public policies.

Strategic advice

Being able to understand, identify, analyze and organize a strategy tailored to the Client’s situation and needs.

Issues and Crisis management

Assessing the Client’s issues and implementing strategies to address public, third party and stakeholder positions with the singular objective of protecting the Client’s interests in times of crisis.
– «Gather the stones cast upon you, they are the base of a pedestal» (Berlioz)

Stakeholder Relations

Recognizing influences and managing stakeholder relationships in order to guarantee respectful and positive relationships.

Strategic Communication

Identifying a narrative and developing key messages to align the assignment to the mission and the objectives.

Public and media event coordination

Identifying and deploying events adapted to the Client’s objectives. It’s about being on Time, on Budget and on Target.

Pro Bono

Working within the community to give a voice and a medium to a cause, using the resources and the time needed.

About Parabellum

Founded in 2002, Parabellum Communication works to build and maintain lasting relationships between Canadian stakeholders and the decision makers that represent them, with a personalized approach and with an offer tailored to the client’s needs.